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Get all the latest news and grooves on TrueFire in less than two minutes by clicking the image to the left and tuning in this week's edition of "The Pocket." Treat yourself to a 35-minute exclusive video of Tommy Emmanuel's acceptance performance for the Legend award he just won. And don't miss Alain Caron and Frank Gambale's AMAZING performance at All Star Guitar Night!

Practice Smart. Play hard.

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Hot Forum Thread
Feb 16 - Feb 28
We all have our cherished guitars, but which one do you pick up and play the most? See what others choose and vote in our forum poll here...

Test Your Rock IQ!
January 28 - April 7
Rachel (AKA Gigglefudge) worked up another killer IQ promo that's bigger and badder than ever! This time you get a shot at a G&L Invader and she's even worked in some weekly spiffs to reward the most creative responders.
Test your Rock IQ!

New Video Courses
Feb 16 - Feb 28
100 Twang Thangs You MUST Know is premiering the week of the 16th. Joe Dalton has assembled 100 essential twang guitar techniques, phrases, variations and cool moves. Get yer twang on!

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Featured Audio Guitar Lesson
Feb 16 - Feb 28
Josh Gibson takes you through this Fire Drill #4 - Blues Shuffle in A. Laying down a spontaneous single lead